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EnergyCALC – Energy consumption & cost calculator

EnergyCALC – Energy consumption & cost calculator


EnergyCALC is a powerful and easy-to-use energy consumption calculator that lets you to calculate the electricity cost for various household electrical appliances or devices.

EnergyCALC is a powerful and easy-to-use energy consumption calculator that lets you to calculate the electricity cost for various household electrical appliances or devices.

Have you ever wondered which appliances make up the highest cost on your electricity bill? Create detailed reports by easily adding your home appliances and devices or pick them from the list of samples shipped with the app.

EnergyCALC will calculate the monthly electricity consumption in kilowatts hour (kWh) and estimate the cost according to your local electricity rate structure. Both fixed or tiered rates can be specified.

Do you want to save on your energy bill? Generate an electricity consumption & cost report with basic usage analysis in just 3 simple steps:

Setup an electricity rate template using either a fixed rate per kWH or tiered rates according to your local electricity utility. You can also modify any of the existing rate template samples shipped with the app.

The next step is to setup various electrical appliances and devices that you use on a monthly basis. Enter each device’s Wattage as well as the days & time used per month. The app ships with various samples that can be use as-is or easily modified to suit your needs.

Once the rates & appliance templates have been set up successfully, the final step is to create a new project. Just fill in the relevant project data, and select the appliances you want to add using the easy-to-use tick sheet and then you are ready to generate the report.

Creating an Estimate

EnergyCALC will automatically do all the energy usage & electricity rate calculations, based on the data entered and generate a detailed report in a clean and professional layout! The layout can then be shared as an HTML table, CSV data for excel spreadsheet or DOC for printing.

How might EnergyCALC benefit you?

• Would you like to know exactly how much a refrigerator, air conditioner, light fitting or stove is costing you to operate? EnergyCALC is the smart way to calculate the estimated electricity consumption per day, week, month or year of any electrical device in kWH.

• Perhaps you want to find out how much energy you are wasting using old light bulbs vs upgrading to CFL’s or LED’s? Easily compare the consumption and cost of various devices to help you make an informed decision.

• Maybe you are you considering buying a new electrical appliance? Generate an energy usage report to analyse the impact a new device might have on your energy bill, or find the best energy saving opportunities by analysing the data.

What type of applications is EnergyCALC suitable for?

• Any small to medium sized buildings (Houses, schools, utility buildings etc.)
• Ideal for quantifying & pricing the energy consumption of single or double storey houses & buildings
• Buildings supplied with electricity on a fixed or tiered rate structure by power utilities.
• The app supports power consumption measurements in kWH only. (Any currency can be specified for cost estimations.)

EnergyCALC – Key features

• Save time – Create electricity consumption & cost estimates quickly and easily
• Save money – Analyse your consumption report and reduce use of high power draw appliances.
• App is shipped with sample templates that can easily be duplicated / modified etc.
• A user-friendly interface designed with ease-of-use as a top priority
• Efficient & accurate energy calculations in an easy-to-use single suite on any mobile device.
• Supports all home appliances and electric / electronic products.
• Convenience – Export / share data to HTML, CSV or DOC

Try out EnergyCALC today and let us know if you find it useful. This is electricity consumption & cost estimation made easy!

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