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Why we choose independent App distribution over the Google Play Store?

In recent years, many app developers, including ourselves, have opted to distribute our apps independently rather than through the Google Play Store. Here’s why:

Revenue Sharing Concerns: One primary factor driving this decision is the substantial cut that app marketplaces, like the Play Store, take from each transaction. By distributing independently, we retain a more significant portion of our earnings, allowing us to reinvest in our projects.

Independence and Control: Distributing apps through our own website gives us greater autonomy and control. We can set our own terms, pricing, and update schedules without being bound by app store policies and restrictions, fostering creativity and innovation within our development community.

Direct Relationship with Users: Independently distributing apps allows us to establish a direct relationship with our user base. This direct connection leads to valuable feedback, a deeper understanding of user needs, and the ability to provide personalized support, fostering a sense of community.

Reduced Dependency on App Store Algorithms: App store algorithms often determine an app’s visibility and success, posing challenges for smaller developers. By distributing independently, we can focus on alternative marketing strategies and build a user base through direct engagement rather than relying solely on algorithms.

Mitigating Privacy Concerns: Privacy is a growing concern, and some developers worry about the data collection practices of major tech companies. Independent distribution gives us greater control over how user data is handled, addressing privacy concerns and fostering trust between developers and users.